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May 10, 2012

How to change the Date and Time on a Canon P170-DH Adding Machine

Your Canon P170-Dh Adding machine has a function in which it will display the time or date on the screen.

To set the Date:

In the upper left corner of the buttons on the machine, directly to the right of the "FEED" button you will see a key that has an image of a calendar and clock on it. Press this button once to see the date. Press and hold the = key for 3 seconds and the month will start to flash. Enter the month in two digits. After entering the 2 digit month, the you will automatically be advanced to the day. Enter the day in two digits and you will be advanced to the year. Enter the year in 4 digits. To finish setting the date, press the "=" key again.

To set the Time:

Press the same calendar / clock button until the time appears. Press and hold the "=" key 3 seconds until the time begins to flash. Enter the hour in 2 digits and you will be advanced to the minutes. Enter the minutes in 2 digits. To set the AM/PM display, press the "#/♦" key. To finish setting the time, press the "=" key again.

To display the time or the date, press the calendar / clock key until the you see the desired display. And there you have it... just one more thing on your desk that also tells the time. Now if this thing had a count down timer until the end of the work day then I would really be impressed!


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