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July 19, 2012


I am determined to keep this orchid alive... but that hasn't saved any of the others, so I am not sure how much hope this one has.

Journey to Healthy

I don't think I blogged about it, but I quit smoking in September. Just cold turkey quit. I had tried so many different ways before, and would sometimes quit for a little while. I started again while I was going through the stress of splitting up with my husband and I knew I didn't really want to be a smoker.

I think it was just time for me, and I couldn't be happier. I'm healthier and happier. Sometimes I get a small craving, but it always passes. Now I have some friends who want to quit, too. One of them in particular has tried several ways of quitting.

She has tried the patch, nicotine gum, and tapering down. In one desperate attempt she even tried making herself sick by smoking an entire pack of cigarettes as fast as she could. Nothing has worked. This time she is trying Electronic Cigarettes. They come in all kinds of flavors. She is a coffee freak, so she is starting off with "Java Jolt", a coffee flavored electronic cigarette. She has ordered them online, and hasn't gotten them yet, but they should arrive soon.

Her brother says that if they work well, he is going to try them also. He would probably get the mint flavored blucigs because he smokes menthols now and likes that flavor.

July 18, 2012

African Violet on my Desk

While my plant collection is not yet complete, I am taking a lot of pride in the plants I have. These African Violets seem to be doing very well and they haven't stopped flowering.

It's also growing new buds right now! So it must be super happy, right?!

July 17, 2012


I think it might be because I have been planning our family trip to the county fair, but I fell in love with this screen saver when I saw it!


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