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June 8, 2012

My New Car

I can't believe I haven't taken the time to write about this before but omgsh I got a new car! Not just a new to me car, but a brand spanking new, hot off the lot, dealership license played framed, 14 miles on the odometer new Kia Soul!

I have been doing research for MONTHS! I had saved up money for a downpayment for almost a year, and finally I was ready to buy. I knew exactly what kind of car I wanted and I knew everything about it except what it felt like to drive it.

I will spare you the details of my horrible experience the first time I tried to buy it. The short story is that I had applied online for credit and Ron Tonkin Kia and somehow my application was sent to Ron Tonkin Mazda. I explained the mix up to the woman on the phone but she assured me they could sell Kias off their lot. I'm sure that would have been true of they had some but they didn't. It was just lie after lie and swindle after swindle and typical car sales man after typical car sales man. In fact after about 3 minutes of being on the lot with our salesman I turned around and left after he lied to me about the price of a Kia Soul. He told me I couldn't afford it and I should buy a used car instead. I didn't even confront him about his lie. I just told him that if I couldn't afford the car I wanted then I would just wait until I had saved more money. He said, "Seriously? That's your plan?" scoffing at me. I turned on my heel, got into the car and drove away. Jokes on that guy because I'm driving around the exact car I wanted for $3,000 less than he said I'd have to pay for it.

But the important part of the story is how I bought my Kia Soul. I went online to costcoauto.com and typed in the exact car I wanted - since I exactly knew - a brand new Kia Soul base model in white. A list of Broadway Kia salesmen popped up and the web page said someone would call me within 24 hours. And someone did. I returned the call on Thursday after work and a chipper sounding fellow named Derek asked if I was in a hurry to buy a car. "Nope".

He said it was his day off but he would meet me at the lot if I wanted. I agreed if he didn't mind using his day off then I would meet him. He didn't seem to mind at all. Probably because by the time someone gets to costcoauto.com they are totally ready to buy.

I met Derek. Yes, he was the car salesman type. Not sleazy, but a young, fast talker who was trained to control the situation. As any well aware woman, I let him think he was in control, but one lie or one slime ball move and I knew I was so outta there! Not only that, I'd report him to Costco so he had a lot more on the line than just one sale.

We didn't haggle over price. The car was just a little more than what was listed on the Costco website. Derek quickly explained that it was the base model, but with a few extras. They were all extras that I had wanted, for less than what I expected they would cost so I agreed.

In the end, I paid over $600 LESS than the sticker price for the car. I still paid over the invoice price, which made Derek happy and also made him willing to come in to the dealership on his day off because he knew I would. That's because it's all a part of the deal that Costco makes with the dealers. They do the price haggling for them, come up with a reasonable number for both sides. The customer sees a salesman instead of making a deal with the fleet manager so that means the salesman gets commission and everyone is happy. Especially me.

June 6, 2012

My Paper Clip Dispenser Runneth Over

This is very easily the messiest part of my desk on any given day. I try to keep things as neat and organized as I can. I clean my desk every night before I leave so that it is fresh for me in the morning. I try to make sure my inbox and billing box are both empty at the end of the day. No matter how hard I work at keeping things neat and under control, the one thing that I cannot tame is this paper clip dispener.

I use way too many paper clips a day. The thing about paper clips is that they are so obviously meant to be temporary - otherwise you'd just staple and be done with it. Since the paper clip is a temporary solution for binding a stack of paper, that means that when that stack of paper eventually gets stapled, the paper clips end up right back in the dispenser. Whenever my paper clips start to look neat and thinned out, I always dread the end of the day when I will eventually have to return all of them back to their cluttered little home. I'm going to have to learn to embrace the chaos.

June 5, 2012

Beach Things

Underneath one of my monitors is a small cubby type area. It could be used for storage of paper clips, post-it notes, or ink pens, but I use it for beach things. I have a collection of seashells, agates, and smooth rocks that I found on the shore of Depot Bay with Travis on our first beach trip. There is also a pretty purple glass float that his sister brought back for me from the same area when she visited there. The area is very special to Travis and his family - everyone has fond memories of the place. These little beach things please me and I enjoy looking at them. I keep my extra paper clips in my desk drawer.

June 4, 2012

My Desktop

Just a picture of my desktop. I've been staring at it all day so now we have the same view.

Hey Darth Vader! Get your hands away from my email!

June 1, 2012

Desk Tours

I love my job. Still. It has been a couple of months and I am pretty sure that new job smell is fading, but I still really do love it. I can say that absolutely, positively, it's the best job I have ever had.

Even though I love it, I still like to have little things around my desk to keep me happy throughout the day. I'm starting a little series called "Desk Tours", to show you around my desk. Here's the big picture:

The backside of my desk / cubicle type area

I don't think it is quite a cubicle. It only has one wall and that is just to make it better looking for the customers and to keep things from falling off the other side. It's a really nice and new wrap around type desk, but I call it "The Printer Pit". Take a look... there are 1, 2, 3, 4 printers. All for different things, all making different noises, and occasionally, all printing at the same time.


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