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March 30, 2012

Super Bowl 50 - The L stands for London

Super Bowl in London?

Is my mind playing tricks on me, or are there rumors that Super Bowl L is going to be played in London? I am so beside myself that even though I know there is something that I want to say about it, I'm just sitting here with my jaw on the floor. This is evidence of a money hungry NFL slapping the fan in the face.

If this happens, all I will be able to say is "RUDE"! What about the fans? American people can hardly afford to go to a Super Bowl anyway, regardless of trying to travel to a forgein country. Hey NFL, I think you may be getting a little too big for your breeches.

I don't think there is any other sport that can even contend with just how huge the NFL is in America. I say that because football is followed almost all year round. This month is a perfect example. Remember when March Maddness meant something? 15 years ago you couldn't avoid March Maddness. This March you turn on the TV or the Radio and before anyone even utters the word "bracket" they are talking about how many years Peyton Manning is going to be an asset to the Broncos, what they think about Tim Tebow, and how Saints fans are going to need therapy since Roger Goodell suspended coach Sean Payton.

Yes, it makes good business sense to want to expand. What kind of money-hungry millionaire would you be if you didn't try to expand your fan base? How good would you be at being rich if you were ever content with how much money you had coming in already? Of course they want to have a forgein fan base. They took March away from college basketball; it isn't a stretch to say that they want to take fans away from soccer, or rugby, or cricket, or whatever sport they play in London.

How could you even consider taking the Super Bowl away from the United States? How could you, after the NFL fans have been there. Through thick and thin, through injuries, through scandals - we stuck by you. We continued to love the game, love our teams, and we continued to watch the games and to go to the games. We continued to buy your over priced hot dogs and support the stadium. We wore our over priced team jerseys with pride. Now you want to say, "Hey, you love us? Well, these people don't so we are rewarding them with the Super Bowl." And that is what is happening.

The biggest fans could be the biggest victims

If Super Bowl L is played in London, or anywhere outside of the US for that matter, it will be the American fans being punished and non fans being rewarded. How cheap are tickets going to have to be in order to be enticing in a location where there are hardly any fans? You think that the British are going to pay full price to attend a Super Bowl?

If you want to try to build a fan base somewhere bring in the big guns.  Give them what they want - people they have heard of.  Host the All-Star game in London.  Nobody in America watches that crap game anyway.

March 27, 2012

Pretty Hiking Boots

Less ugly hiking boot by Merrell

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that there is no such thing as a pretty hiking boot.
I've been searching online for 2 days and all I can find are some hiking boots that are less ugly than all the others. Occassionally, I come across a real gem, but they are usually more than $100! I was at Altrec.com looking at the Merrell brand boots, and there are some pretty cute ones that come in different shades of brown and grey with little purple or light blue trimmings... but they are way to expensive!

I'm looking to pay more like $60. I am just starting out hiking and tired of getting my sneakers dirty so I am looking for a dedicated hiking boot with good support. Since I'm a novice, I don't want to drop a whole C-note on a pair of shoes! Perhaps if hiking becomes my most passionate hobby instead of an activity I sometimes allow people to talk me into, then I would consider it.

I guess I will just have to stick with getting something slightly less ugly with good support. Function over fashion in the outdoor sporting world, but I don't know why it has to be that way.


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