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December 12, 2010


I don't even have anything bright to say about this.

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December 2, 2010

You Can't Cheat on the hCG Diet!

I cheated on the hCG diet last night. I had half a cupcake, one chicken nugget, and I ate mushrooms and olives, none of which are on the approved list. I counted every last bite and nibble and I ate 606 calories yesterday. That is 106 over my allotted amount.

I was hoping that even though I had eaten things that were not included in Dr. Simeons' approved eating list, that I would be okay. I even worked out to be extra sure. I worked out for about an hour and burned 400 calories. so, 606 calories minus the 400 calories that I burned off should equal 206 calories. I should have lost weight, right?

WRONG!I didn't lose an ounce. I weighed in at exactly the same amount as the day before! If I had not worked out, I would have gained weight for sure. So in order to combat that, I am having an apple day. Today I am going to eat only apples, up to six. I am also going to have another hardcore workout day to try to make up for the lost opportunity.

Oh, and can I just say - this whole cupcake thing really made me think of the TV show The Biggest Loser. If I saw a contestant on that show trade in half a cupcake for a 2 pound advantage, I would think that they were not in it to win it. I am definitely all about winning this and so that is how I am going to think about cupcakes and chicken nuggets from now on!

Tom's of Maine is Wicked Fresh

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom's of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

My sister, my mother in law, and I are all big fans of Tom's Of Maine products. My mother in law has very sensitive skin and several allergies.  My sister and I also love Tom's for the all natural ingredients and the overall performance of their products.  We use the toothpaste and the deodorant and we love the results.

My sister uses the antiplaque, tartar control, plus whitener.  I like to switch back and forth between that and the strawberry flavor, whichever mood strikes me. I'm excited that Tom's has a new toothpaste available called Wicked Fresh. It comes in peppermint flavor and has a longer lasting fresh breath sensation as well as cavity protection.  Wicked Fresh is also a new mouth wash by Tom's.

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In honor of their new toothpaste and mouthwash, Tom's Of Maine is having a contest called the "That's Wicked Fresh"  contest. You can get all the details on the That's Wicked Fresh contest page, but the basic idea is that you share a favorite moment that you can describe as "wicked fresh" on facebook or twitter.  You go to the That's Wicked Fresh contest page and type your tweet or status update into the box on the webpage.  You have to include a tiny url link and a has reference to Wicked Fresh, but the details are on the page and you can just copy and paste them.

There are several different prizes; the main one being a $500 gift card to Target.  Um, hello? That is half a grand for making a tweet!  And it's easy, too!  Watch, here is mine.  "It was WICKED FRESH when my son turned 3 this week! He's the most WICKED FRESH kid on the block!  http://bit.ly/wickedfresh #WickedFresh" 

Booyah, now I am in the running for a half grand shopping spree at target.  I know just what I'll buy... stuff to decorate my house!  Also, a couple hundred dollars worth of gorceries, a steam cleaner for my carpets, some toys for Caleb, and some cleaning supplies.  I wish you the best of luck,   but I also really hope I win!

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hCG is Not a Scam

I have lost 12 pounds in 4 day on the hCG diet. When I first heard about this diet I thought it was a scam. When I looked into it a little further, I was skeptical. When my Aunt said it worked, I wanted to try it. When I learned about how it worked, I was confident. Now that I am using it, I am ecstatic.

The hCG diet is amazing. It works. It takes work, but it works. Today I got on the scale and I am down another 2 pounds, bringing my total to 12 pounds in 4 full days. This is my 5th day on the diet, not including my first two "fat loading" days.

Today I faced the ultimate temptations. I brought Caleb to the mall to see Santa Claus and we went to the food court to get him lunch. The smells of a million different foods were assaulting my senses. All around me people were delighting in the golden brown crunchy goodness off deep fried anything. I got Caleb his happy meal and I ordered a bag of apple slices and an unsweetened ice tea for myself. Disaster averted.

When I got home, I couldn't help myself. Just one bite... which turned into a whole nugget. So there you have it, I cheated. After all of those promises that I had made to myself, I ate that chicken nugget. It was cold already and a little gross, but I made audible yummy noises while I ate it. Then, I went to my mom's house for dinner. She made spaghetti for Caleb's birthday dinner. Now the tomatoes and the onions are on my approved eating list, but the mushrooms and to olives definitely are not. I ate about 1 cup of sauce over 2 ounces of grilled chicken. Then, I ate half of a strawberry cupcake. Oh and did I mention the 3 bites of garlic bread.

I was filled with regret all night. I had already worked out this morning, but I knew that all of that effort went out the window when I scarfed down that old chicken nugget. I realized that it was the chicken nugget that did me in. Once I caved, it was easier to give in to all of the other foods. I am really going to have to get all of that in check before we have Caleb's birthday party. There is going to be pizza, cake, ice cream, and tons of other goodies. I'm going to have to amp up my will power - big time!

In an effort to avoid blowing everything, I did some pretty rigorous workouts tonight. I did 100 crunches, briskly walked about 6 miles, and did 150 bicep curls with a small weight. All of that ended up to be about 317 calories burned according to myfitnesspal.com. I also used this website to calculate my caloric intake for the day, which was around 606. That's 106 more than what I am supposed to have, plus I mixed in all kinds of things that are not approved. Breads, sugars, and oh, I forgot to tell you about the ranch dressing I dipped some cherry tomatoes in... all that stuff is not on the list of approved things I can eat. They can really mess things up for me. Also, all of the oil that was still on that chicken nugget will be eat up by the hCG drops before my extra fat it burned. I really sabotaged myself today. I hope that the exercise makes up for it!


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